25 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried Leaked photos”

    1. You’re really dumb. Seriously, you’re not clever enough to come up with long dong on your own? Its like you’re the love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

    2. If you think that dick is long then you officially have a baby dick and should never show it to a women or man unless you enjoy being laughed at. If you’re over 16 you should be at least that long soft let alone hard lmao

      1. I saw her interviewed on cable about this and she said I’m sure some black guys have bigger dicks, but so do walruses, and you wouldn’t fuck one of those either.

  1. It’s not Justin Long’s dick in the photo, it’s Thomas Sadoski. That her husband, you can see she has a wedding ring on hand in the photo.

    1. Wow you aren’t the most clever person in the world are you…..wedding rings go on the left hand not right. They also go with a thing called an engagement ring which she clearly isn’t wearing. Not saying it’s Justin long but if your basing it on a wedding ring they you should know what they look like and where they are placed…..derp de derp

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